Restaurant Tenuta is closed for the holidays from July 21 2024 to August 4 2024. We will be back on August 8 2024.

Happy summer 2024 to all our customers!

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Restaurant Tenuta in Terrebonne, (located in Lachenaie near Repentigny and just 25 minutes from downtown  Montreal), has a distinguished fine Italian modern cuisine!

A modern exquisite dining experience with a vast selection of Italian and international wines places Restaurant Tenuta at the top of your list for celebrations and business events.

If you love to wine and dine and are looking for a memorable experience, choose one of the best restaurants in Quebec - according to Gatronomy Magazine.

Delivery fee  for 15$ 

Thursday to Sunday 4 PM to 9 Pm


Friday and Saturday only *   Choose of of our 6 choices of pastas and one of your favorite dessert from our  Dolce section !   For only 35$! ...

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Magazine Gastronomie 2005

Officially located in the Lanaudière region, one must just cross the bridge on the 40 East, off Montreal Island, to get to Tenuta, in Lachenaie. Tucked away in a shopping centre, this Italian restaurant is a true oasis offering fine dining at the...

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BMW Magazine Spring 2015

For a romantic supper or an evening with friends where conversation flows, Restaurant Tenuta in Terrebonne is the place to be. In its laidback atmosphere, we are served fine Italian cuisine. Amongst the house specialties are rack of lamb, which simply melts in your mouth and the fish...

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Style de Vie Magazine

RECETTE DE VINCENZO RUSSO, CHEF EXÉCUTIF DE TENUTA POUR STYLES DE VIE Pappardelles au ragoût d'osso buco avec menthe fraîche et zeste de citron (Pour 6 personnes)  6 osso buco de veau de grain, d'un pouce d'épaisseur 1 gros oignon 500 ml (2...

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BMW Magazine Fall 2011

Vincenzo Cacciatore wasn’t especially eager to become an accountant, financial advisor or stockbroker when he completed his education in economics and finance at Concordia University about 15 years ago. He had wholeheartedly adopted his father’s belief that education, including...

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Magazine Gastronomie 2009

This upscale restaurant, located in Lachenaie, offers modern Italian cuisine with a bit of the genius of the establishment’s executive chef, maestro Vincenzo Russo. On the menu, the chef delivers the best of classic Italian gastronomy modified to today’s tastes. Milanese-style braised...

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BMW Magazine Fall 2009

In Italian, the word tenuta usually means having substance. And this meaning can also apply to wine. It’s an especially well-chosen name for this elegant and excellent restaurant, esteemed as much for its food as its wine and spirits list, and which this year is celebrating its 5th...

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Magazine Gastronomie 2011

In pursuing their passion for food and celebration, the Cacciatore brothers have given us a wonderful establishment only 30 minutes from downtown Montréal. This modern-day Garden of Eden offers a comfortable décor of velvet & woodwork and excellent natural lighting courtesy of...

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Magazine Idées de ma maison 2005

La salle à manger allie confort, efficacité et élégance. La ville de Lachenaie abrite un bijou: le restaurant Tenuta. Logé dans un complexe commercial de la montée des Pionniers, ce lieu se démarque tant par son décor d'une...

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St Valentine's Day Menu February 12th, 13th and 14th

MENU BELOW.... Come celebrate Valentines Day at Tenuta this year, Tenuta has set up the evening with  a superbly crafted menu.Our full award winning wine list will be available with also a large sparling and bubbly selection... Tenuta's award winning wine list still hold one of the largest...

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