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Magazine Gastronomie 2005 -

Officially located in the Lanaudière region, one must just cross the bridge on the 40 East, off Montreal Island, to get to Tenuta, in Lachenaie. Tucked away in a shopping centre, this Italian restaurant is a true oasis offering fine dining at the highest level.

First dreamt by their father, Vincenzo and Pietro Cacciatore decided to open a chic restaurant, which would embody the stylish New American style that they discovered in restaurants in Chicago, where they spent many years. They built Tenuta in Lachenaie, mere footsteps from their family restaurant, Vulcano, which they operate since the early 90s. “We chose the location carefully, that is with a highway close by, to make the restaurant more accessible. We also wanted to stay in our community. Everybody knows us here because of Vulcano.”

“With Tenuta, we wanted to create a unique culinary experience. We wanted the restaurant to be chic and truly classy, but still be very easy-going and a great place for clients to relax in.”

The sumptuous decor of Tenuta combines a lounge atmosphere with comfortable surroundings. The service is attentive, the presentation a delight, and the Italian cuisine impeccable, making each visit to Tenuta a culinary experience like no other. Admirably headed by Chef Ricardo Lo Schiavo, a young chef who trained in Milan, Italy. The team at Tenuta constantly reinvents classical Italian cuisine by creating new marriages of flavours and meticulously choosing their ingredients: organic fine herbs, microsalads and rare vegetables, preparing them with new techniques learned in Europe. Each weekend, the chef also offers a special creation to allow patrons to try out his latest discoveries, like the chilli pepper jelly he
will use to garnish filet mignon and Angus steaks. Did we mention that Tenuta is also a steakhouse? And one of the best in town, one might add.